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Live MSP is a collaborative initiative with partners from the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, local housing and home ownership organizations, neighborhood and community development advocates, and the real estate and business community. See our current Advisory Committee roster.

Live MSP was launched with support from the Family Housing Fund.  The Family Housing Fund is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide safe, affordable, sustainable homes to families and children in the Twin Cities metropolitan area through ongoing partnerships with the public and private sector.  The Fund supports the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, the Metropolitan Council, and Minnesota Housing in their efforts to preserve and expand the region's supply of affordable housing and address the growing issues associated with foreclosures and vacant housing. 

Our private and public partners are supporting Live MSP’s efforts to help provide a coordinated platform for the marketing of city neighborhoods and the variety of city and nonprofit programs that can assist with successful homeownership and renovation.

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“I love being able to walk down the street a block and find a bakery, four restaurants, a co-op for fresh food, and great bus service to get me where I am going. My family was able to downsize to one car because of our great transportation access.”

- Steve
Summit-University neighborhood, Saint Paul

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