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Looking for some help purchasing or renovating your home? Both Minneapolis and Saint Paul have dozens of different incentive programs—ranging from down payment and closing cost assistance to low interest loans for renovation and rehab, and other programs offered by the city governments and/or their non-profit partners.

Be sure to contact the organization listed after each program to confirm funding availability, eligibility requirements, and funding terms, as these regularly change.

For more information about homebuyer assistance programs, please call the Minnesota Home Ownership Center at 651.659.9336.

You may want to contact your neighborhood organization to see if there are programs that may not be listed in this directory. OwnAHomeMN.org provides a list of home-ownership resources and programs offered by community development organizations.

The Minnesota Home Ownership Center has the most up-to-date information about entry cost (down payment) assistance and affordable loan products. Click here to learn more.

  • Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance Programs These programs provide eligible home buyers with loans or grants to be used toward the down payment on a home or the closing costs associated with purchasing a home (e.g. attorney fees, title search, recording, and appraisal fees, taxes, etc.)
  • Special Purpose Financing Programs These programs include tax credits and lower-interest mortgages that are designed to help specific pools of eligible applicants (depending on the program, eligibility may be based on: income levels, geographic location, membership in a target population, etc.) purchase a home.
  • Home Purchase ProgramsHome purchase programs allow eligible applicants to purchase homes at below-market rates through community development organizations, land trusts and other non-profit housing providers.
  • Renovation/Rehab/Emergency Repair ProgramsThe Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, the State of Minnesota, dozens of neighborhood organizations and other area non-profits provide funding to eligible applicants for renovation, rehabilitation, and emergency repair through low-interest and forgivable loans and grants.

This is a very helpful website to better understand home financing: www.moneygeek.com.

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