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The Ventura Village neighborhood has many assets, including a great diversity of peoples and businesses, plentiful bike lanes, walking proximity to the major employment centers of downtown and Abbott Northwestern Hospital, strong connections to transit (including an LRT station at Franklin Avenue), and a committed and optimistic outlook for the future of the neighborhood. Franklin Avenue is the commercial and civic center of Ventura Village and is home the neighborhood library, many different social service providers, an array of different restaurants and shops, and the Ancient Traders Market—with a public plaza, cafes, restaurants and American-Indian oriented shops. Attractive, new development continues to take place along Franklin, particularly at the intersection with Portland Avenue where a gateway to the neighborhood is envisioned. Historically a home for immigrants, Ventura Village, and the larger Phillips community is now home to the city’s largest population of Native Americans as well as growing numbers of Asians, Latinos, and Somalis. Att


Boundaries and Zip Code

Ventura Village is the northernmost neighborhood of the larger Phillips community.

North: I-35W/I-94
South: the boundary follows Hiawatha Avenue, 22nd Street East, 17th Avenue South, 24th Street East and Chicago Avenue
East: the industrial area west of Hiawatha Avenue
West: I-35W

Zip code: 55404


Between1880 and 1910, this area of Minneapolis saw its greatest period of development—and with trolley service along Franklin Avenue—a thriving commercial corridor followed. Ventura Village, located south of downtown, used to be part of the Phillips neighborhood. It became a separate neighborhood on May 9, 2002, when the Minneapolis City Council approved its boundaries.

Housing Styles and Types

The neighborhood has an eclectic mix of housing types—with Victorian-style homes from the early 1900s to homes that were constructed in the 1960s and 70s. Many new apartment and condominium buildings are also located along Franklin Avenue as well as duplexes and other rental units that are interspersed throughout the neighborhood.


Public Schools:

Private Schools:

For more information on Minneapolis schools, visit Live MSP's Schools page.

Public Facilities

Home Purchase/Home Improvement Incentives

Ventura Village has several different programs administered by GHMC’s Southside Housing Resource Center. These include:

  • Ventura Village Homebuyer Program [LINK INTERNALLY]
  • Homestead Matching Grant Program [LINK INTERNALLY]
  • Non-Homestead Matching Grant Program [LINK INTERNALLY]
  • Carriage House Grant Program LINK INTERNALLY

For information about incentive programs that may be available in this neighborhood, visit Live MSP's Incentive Programs page.

Getting Involved


The Ventura Village Neighborhood Association publishes and e-bulletin. Subscribe at the website:


Real Estate Listings

Search for listings. You can search for properties by either clicking on the map or entering the neighborhood name or zip code (noting that zip code boundaries span multiple neighborhoods) into the search bar.—Check here for listings of affordable homes sold by community developers. Note: not all neighborhoods have listings.


Ventura Village Neighborhood Association
Mary Watson, Administrative Secretary
P.O. Box 580757
Minneapolis, MN 55458
Phone: 612.874.9070
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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