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The North Loop Neighborhood, located in what is frequently referred to as the Warehouse District, offers unique housing options, entertainment, fine dining, and specialty shops—many within the original warehouses of the North Loop's historic heyday. True to the unique nature of this neighborhood, you won’t find any chain restaurants in this part of town. You’ll discover one-of-a-kind retailers, quaint coffee shops, eclectic restaurants, and lively nightclubs nestled in the historic buildings; many owned and operated by neighborhood residents. The North Loop Neighborhood is immediately adjacent to downtown; served by LRT and many bus routes; and is the home of the Minnesota Twins Target Field (opening in 2010), the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Farmers Market, and the headquarters of Metro Transit.


Boundaries and Zip Code

North: Plymouth Avenue
South: Interstate 394
West: Interstate 94, with the boundary continuing along 12th Street North to Third Avenue North, then to Washington Avenue, and Hennepin Avenue to the River.
Northeast: Mississippi River

Zip Codes: 55401 is the predominate zip code, yet portions of the neighborhood are also in zip codes 55403, 55405 and 55411.


Recognized as a bustling commercial hub and industrial center, this part of the city served everyone from manufacturers and millers to farmers to furriers, through the 1800s. In addition, the "north loop" of rail lines — the railroad and city streetcars running through the neighborhood — brought vital transportation to businesses and consumers alike. With the decline of the industrial boom, businesses favored trucks over trains, and the neighborhood slipped into disrepair and many buildings were abandoned and left to decay. The 1970s brought a new era of artists seeking large spaces and low rents—and these artistic pioneers are largely responsible for bringing life back into this significant neighborhood.

Housing Styles and Types

Renovated historic warehouses and new construction lofts are the predominant residential structures in the North Loop. Traditional townhomes and apartment buildings are also available.


Charter Schools:

Specialty Educational Centers:

For more information on Minneapolis schools, visit Live MSP's Schools page.

Public Facilities

  • The Grand Rounds – A National Scenic Byway including the Mississippi Riverfront James L. Rice Memorial Parkway and West River Parkway.
  • Target Field – Home of the Minnesota Twins
  • Dog Grounds Dog Park - The North Loop Off Leash Play Area.

Home Purchase/Home Improvement Incentives

Visit Live MSP’s Incentive Programs page to find programs that may be used in the North Loop neighborhood.

Getting Involved

  • North Loop Neighborhood Association:
  • North Loop Kids: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Warehouse District Business Association:
  • Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce:
  • Downtown Journal:


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Real Estate Listings

Search for listings. You can search for properties by either clicking on the map or entering the neighborhood name or zip code (noting that zip code boundaries span multiple neighborhoods) into the search bar.—Check here for listings of affordable homes sold by community developers. Note: not all neighborhoods have listings.


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it – is the general email.

The North Loop Neighborhood Association Board of Directors are found here:

They can be contacted via the website.

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