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Historic St. Anthony West is located on the east bank of the Mississippi River. It is the gateway to the Minneapolis Arts District and features a variety of affordable housing options – from gracious and historic 1880s homes to charming ramblers of the 1960s and 1970s to modern townhomes and condos. From this prime neighborhood, walk or ride a bike to downtown Minneapolis; a bus ride is less than 5 minutes from the heart of downtown. We feature a 28-acre park along the river and several quaint owner-run restaurants, all just a five-minute walk from the bustling, popular East Hennepin business district. Seven churches of various denominations help make us a prime place to live, work, play and worship. We are proud to be the home of Minneapolis’ only “Yacht Club.”


Boundaries and Zip Code

North: Broadway Street NE
South: Railroad tracks just above First Avenue NE
East: Washington Street NE to Fifth Street NE
West: Mississippi River

Zip Code: 55413


Established in 1849 as the Village of St. Anthony Falls, the neighborhood was incorporated into the city of Minneapolis in 1858. Proximity to the Mississippi River and sawmill/manufacturing jobs along the river brought the first wave of Eastern European immigrants to the Midwest, a proud tradition still visible today. We continue to be a portal to immigration for the newest Americans. More information about neighborhood history is available at:

Housing Styles and Types

Housing stock is mainly single-family and duplexes ranging in age and architectural style from the late 1800s to modern townhomes located along Third Avenue NE. Catholic Eldercare’s facilities offer senior housing choices for various life stages.


No schools are located in the Saint Anthony West neighborhood. For more information on Minneapolis schools, visit Live MSP's Schools page.

Public Facilities

Home Purchase/Home Improvement Incentives

For more information about other incentive programs that may be available in this neighborhood, visit Live MSP's Incentive Programs page.

Getting Involved

The St. Anthony West Neighborhood Organization (STAWNO) is the official neighborhood association for this area of Minneapolis (see In addition, the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District ( and the Northeast Business Association ( are active in this area.


Please visit for neighborhood news and events calendar. An electronic Neighborhood Update is available from the neighborhood organization; subscribe by sending an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The “River Beacon” newsletter is currently distributed by volunteers to homes in the neighborhood.


Real Estate Listings

Search for listings. You can search for properties by either clicking on the map or entering the neighborhood name or zip code (noting that zip code boundaries span multiple neighborhoods) into the search bar.—Check here for listings of affordable homes sold by community developers. Note: not all neighborhoods have listings.


Visit St. Anthony West Neighborhood Organization for up-to-date contact information.


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