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The family-friendly Como neighborhood’s most famous feature is Como Park whose amenities neighbors enjoy all year round. While predominantly residential. the neighborhood is just a short bike ride to a small mall that has a grocery, drug, and liquor store as well as several restaurants and services. There are also two local coffee shops that serve as a neighborhood gathering spot. Our location makes it easy and convenient to get to both downtowns via public transit or driving.


Boundaries and Zip Code

North: Larpenteur Avenue/Hoyt Avenue
South: railroad tracks south of Energy Park Drive
East: Dale Avenue (from Larpenteur to Maryland); Lexington (from Maryland to railroad tracks)
West: Snelling Avenue

Zip codes: 55108, 55117, 55103


The following neighborhoods are part of the Como planning district (District 10):

  • Energy Park


The city of Saint Paul purchased land around Como Lake in 1873, hoping to preserve its natural beauty as a public park. The park’s historic grounds and many buildings were built throughout the early 1900s – 1930s with new additions throughout the years (e.g. the Japanese Garden was installed in 1979, the visitors center in 2005.) In the 1880s, residential development followed the improved public transit to the area (first a train station, then a street car that travelled via Como Avenue to both downtown Saint Paul and then Minneapolis) and clustered around the lake, ultimately spreading outward into what was once farmland.

Housing Styles and Types

Como has a range of housing styles—ranging from large, Victorian-era homes around the lake to smaller one-and-a-half story homes from the 1920s throughout the neighborhood. Ranch style homes from the 1950s can also be found in the neighborhood.


Public Schools:

Charter Schools:


For more information on Saint Paul schools, visit Live MSP's Schools page.

Public Facilities

Home Purchase/Home Improvement Incentives

For information about incentive programs that may be available in this neighborhood, visit Live MSP's Incentive Programs page.

Getting Involved

Como Community Council is a non-profit organization made up of elected, volunteer residents and one Community Organizer staff member. Our purpose is to provide a voice for the neighborhood in shaping decisions made by the City and local government. Call 651-644-3889 to get involved.

Como Park Block Nurse Program organizes community volunteers to care for the neighborhood’s senior citizens. Call: 651-642-1127 for more information.


The Como Community Council posts their newsletter on the website.

The monthly Monitor newspaper is delivered free of charge to residents of the neighborhood. To read past issues online or subscribe, visit:

The Park Bugle is a monthly community newspaper. Visit:


Wilder Research Center Neighborhood Profiles—Includes trend information on neighborhood demographics, economics, and housing, taken from the most recent census data.

Ramsey County’s Property Records and Revenue Department—Review Saint Paul property sales data by searching for or entering in a street name. You can find the most recent sales price for individual properties and current property tax information.

Saint Paul Crime Statistics—Crime maps, statistics, and reports compiled by the Saint Paul Police Department. Check out Interpreting Crime Statistics. to help you make sense of these resources.

Real Estate Listings

Search for listings. You can search for properties by either clicking on the map or entering the neighborhood name or zip code (noting that zip code boundaries span multiple neighborhoods) into the search bar.—Check here for listings of affordable homes sold by community developers. Note: not all neighborhoods have listings.


District 10 - Como Community Council
1224 Lexington Pkwy N
Saint Paul, MN 55103
Phone: 651- 644-3889

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