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PPL’s Home Repair Loan Program is a state-funded way for low-income homeowners to stay in their homes and live safely in them. Loans of up to $27,000 are awarded for needed home repairs without interest charges, and are forgivable under certain conditions.

  • Loan must first be used to address lead and/or radon hazards in the home.
  • Funds can be spent to fix other health or safety issues with the house after that.
  • Luxury repairs, demolition, or new construction are not covered by the loan.
  • Repairs must be completed within 9 months after the commitment of the loan.

To qualify, loan recipients must:

  • Own a home in Minneapolis or St. Paul.
  • Make 30% or less of the household area median income, $24,850 for a family of four.
  • Have less than $25,000 in additional assets [outside of the home and primary vehicle(s)].
  • Are applying for/or received a grant from Community Action Partnership’s Weatherization Program.

Interested homeowners can apply online at www.ppl-inc.org/homerepair or call 612-455-5221 to request a hard copy of the application or ask any questions. Visit the Project for Pride in Living website for more information.

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“There are lots of reasons why my wife, children, and I love living near campus. One important reason is that we can be a one car family. It saves us thousands of dollars a year, and we get the satisfaction of living in an environmentally sensible way. The transit service in this part of the city works really well for us.”

- Calder Hibbard,
Minnesota Forest Resources Council and resident of Southeast Como

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